Kitchen Gadgets

Staff June 9, 2017 0
Kitchen Gadgets

These days, there is a bewildering number of kitchen gadgets and utensils out there. While a lot of them may be unnecessary and take up extra space, quite a few of them can make life a lot easier and help prepare food faster. Here are my favorite seven kitchen tools and why I like them.

Bread Makers: Whoever invented this fantastic device should get a trophy or an award. We use our breadmaker all the time to get fresh, homemade bread without all of the hard work. If you love fresh bread at home, consider a bread maker.

Automatic Coffee Maker with Timer: How about a big cup of coffee first thing in the morning, right after you get out of bed? If you set the timer on one of these and add your coffee grounds and water the night before, you will have a perfectly brewed pot of coffee waiting for you when you stumble into the kitchen.

Kitchen Knives with Block: For safe storage of your knives, you need a knife block. This way you won’t reach into a drawer and stab yourself, and they are easier to get at too. A high-quality set will last a lot longer and stay sharper.

Plastic Food Containers: With a set of containers for food storage, saving leftovers is much easier. Many have lids with vents, for use in microwaves. Another way to use them is to freeze food for future use. They look better than old margarine and yogurt containers, too.

Hand Held Immersion Blender: Just like the name says, you hold these in your hand and put the business end into pots, mixing bowls or even drinking glasses. For small blending jobs, a hand held blender is fast and easy to clean.

Toaster Oven: A quick way to toast sandwiches and smaller items, these little ovens don’t replace a regular kitchen oven. They make great garlic bread and work well for mini pizzas.

Sandwich Grill: If you make a lot of toasted sandwiches at home, this might be a great buy. If you don’t make grilled cheese, tuna melts or grilled paninis, then it might not be the best way to spend your money.

These are some of the kitchen gadgets I like to use myself. For the larger items, maybe you can borrow one to test drive it before you buy. That is what I did with the bread maker. Our food containers, coffee maker and hand blender see daily use, and the toaster oven and sandwich grill once or twice a week. All in all, a good investment for my family. Happy cooking!

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