About The Owners

Hello! My name is Donna Vickers and I am the new owner of inthekitchentoday.com. My family and I all love to cook and find new recipes. None of us are by any means experts in cooking, but we do have over 150 year between us of cooking and all that is necessary to set up a kitchen and be able to cook wonderful food. I would love for this website to be visited by young and old alike. I love to teach and  help new cooks start cooking and help you set up your kitchen with everything you will need to cook all the recipes that you want to cook. The old time cooks are also welcome. No matter how long you have cooked or baked, you will always find something new to either make or a new gadget that will be available for the kitchen to help make things easier and/or quicker.

During the day, I am a school nurse and my husband is in route sales. We are both very close to retirement, so we will be working more on this site with a lot of great information. Our son is a fireman/paramedic and our daughter is a school secretary. Our daughter-in-law is a senior event planner for a very well known hotel chain, and our son-in-law is a mechanical engineer. We all love to cook and find new things to make. We have three beautiful and very smart grandchildren who are all wanting to help in the kitchen too!  So, this website will be filled with recipes and information that we find as we cook. We also like to travel. I sing with a choir that travels all over the world and I am going to be traveling to some new and different places and even some old places but there will always be something new and exciting to learn everywhere you go. I will try to include pictures whenever possible that might help you to understand more about what we will be talking about.

There will be advertisements all over the website. Please feel free to click on them and shop for their goods and services. They will all be very reputable companies that we feel will give you either great products or services and great prices too!

We hope to have comments from you about our site and hope that you will share your recipes with us as well. Who knows, your recipe might even be posted for everyone to see and make. Also please feel free to join our site and to like us on Facebook and Twitter and other social media forms. Tell your friends and family to visit our site. We love making new friends!